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A testimony from Siyasanga Malima

My name is Siyasanga Malima I am currently working in Hong Kong as a kindergarten teacher. Growing up I’ve always wanted to travel the world but with my background I never thought it would be possible until I was in Grade 7. Then, I was introduced to Alison Mccullumn by a close friend of mine who then introduced me to the Zoe Trust which changed my whole life, brought hope and helped me achieve my dreams.

The Zoe Trust not only helped fund my entire education career from high school to tertiary level but I alos gained a new family,  a mentor through Alison, and a very strong support system – something I will forever cherish and be grateful for 

I remember that every year the Zoe Trust would organise a Christmas celebration for us and, of course, Christmas gifts too 😁 something I was never used to growing up. We would go on trips outside of Cape Town. They would support me financially if there was anything I needed for school or assistance at home, but the one thing I am most grateful for is the emotional support and encouragement I received from Alison and her family. Till this day I know that if I need someone to talk to or anything, her door is always open for that.

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