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Swiss bake sale proceeds pay for Nairobi school makeover

Following our first successful project in Kenya back in 2013, the Zoe Trust has secured funding to support another small project in Rehema School in Nairobi. Thanks to a group of Swiss fundraisers and their sweet-toothed friends, a bake sale had raised enough money to cover the cost of a much-needed classroom renovation.

Rehema School is an initiative run by Michael Otieno and his wife Mabel who care and educate children next to the Dandora Dumpsite, that recently featured in a documentary called Dusty Bin Dreams. Parents of many of these children collect rubbish to recycle and sell to make a living. So when the children are not at school, they often go with them or stay at home alone.

Using the Swiss bake sale funds, the Zoe Trust has been able to support a classroom makeover at Rehema School, complete with mattresses and equipment, where the pre-schoolers can safely play and nap while their parents are hard at work.

The Zoe Trust continues to sponsor the Rehema School Lunch Program, where only €5 will provide a child with school lunch for an entire month.

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